I’m Peter Lewis—Designer, Strategist & Leader

I define, design, and deliver digital product experiences that help customers and companies thrive.

Hi, I’m Peter.

I work with forward-thinking makers to craft cohesive, intricate, and joyful product experiences.

I work with forward-thinking makers to craft cohesive, intricate, and joyful product experiences.

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20+ years of hands-on design experience

I bring multi-specialist depth, generalist range, business smarts, and neighborly dedication.

With outstanding cross-functional teammates, I’ve worked in challenging environments to create digital products, features, and platform experiences that improved customers’ lives and established sustainable business advantages.

Throughout my career, I’ve tirelessly mentored and supported my teammates and colleagues, spreading new tools and methods that sharpened product development practice, helped designers mature, and unlocked product growth.

End-to-end expertise

Digital Product Vision & Design

From research and strategy foundations to delivery details, and everything between

qualitative research

product strategy

concept testing

product definition

ux writing




Visual Design


Design Systems

Communication & Storytelling

Crafting stories and spreading memorable ideas to educate and inspire




Visual identity

Creative Direction

Art Direction



Print Design


Practice-Building & Mentorship

Training and resources to help cross-functional teams do their best work






Project & People Leadership

Creating conditions for high-quality decisions and maturing teammates

Project Management


People Management


Career Coaching

Passion & Heart

All my work is infused with deep curiosity, relentless focus on customer wellbeing, a storyteller's imagination, a passion for untapped potential, and a love for beautiful details.

Trained by industry pioneers

Proven effectiveness

I’ve shaped and shipped industry-leading product experiences at every scale and phase.

Ignite (formerly Tendermint)


Product Design Lead + Head of Product Design, Emeris

Product Design Director

Lead designer and team lead for Ignite’s flagship consumer product to make the benefits of eco-friendly blockchain experiences more safe and welcoming for everyone. Dramatically improved cross-functional collaboration and velocity, and delivered account and asset management experiences that earned outstanding user feedback.

Capital One


Product Design Lead + Head of Design

Senior product design Manager

Envisioned, launched, and improved numerous highly-rated platform / product / feature experiences for mobile and web at every scale and phase of development as practitioner and team lead Mentored and trained numerous designers now in thriving leadership roles. Played foundational leadership, operational, and educational roles to establish Capital One’s industry-leading product design and strategy practice. 

Design Strategist + Mobile & Web Experience Designer

product design manager

Designed highly-rated digital experiences for flagship mobile and web products that helped millions confidently understand and manage their money. Trained and led cross-functional teams to envision, validate, and build industry-leading products. Introduced new methods and tools that improved collaboration and quality across the company. 

Booz Allen


Design Strategist + Communication Design Lead


Played foundational design practitioner, leadership, communications, business / IP development, and educational roles to launch still-thriving human-centered design and innovation consultancy with a select interdisciplinary team trained by Frog Design and the Austin Center for Design (AC4D), focused on complex human experience challenges.

Communication Design Lead + Creative Director

Senior Consultant

Designer and creative / art director of numerous award-winning communication and branding projects for digital media and print. Director, producer, writer, cinematographer, composer, and motion designer for award-winning videos.

Trusted by teammates & leaders

Connect to Content

Add layers or components to infinitely loop on your page.

Career credits

I'm so grateful to the people I've learned from and leaned on.

Jennifer Lopez for empowering me to grow as a strategic leader • Hannah Volfson for tireless advocacy • Catherine Sun for guidance and grace in difficult times • Jon Kolko, Matt Franks, and Lauren Serota for teaching me design strategy foundations • Michael Mossoba for optimistic realism, and friendship • Nass Donald for believing in me and raising the bar • Brandon Schauer for empathy, presence, and a timely nudge • Seth Cottle for encouragement, critique, and laughs • Evelyn Huang for showing me what a team can be • Scott Zimmer for being the spark • Toni Drenckhahn for kindness, systemic rigor, and corporate shenanigans • Luke Middleton for always being there • Casey Cavanagh for honest feedback, creative courage, and heart • Kate Tikoian for partnership in crime-fighting • Tommy Rayburn for lessons in shipping, and always supporting me • Maxim Leyzerovich for insightful feedback • Sarah Goelitz for clear thinking and tireless generosity • Peter Khanahmadi for brotherhood in work and life • Joe Garcia for steady presence and quiet inspiration • Jess Bowman for keen insights • David Somerville for friendship, wisdom, and showing me how to play at work • Bryn Bowman for timely advice and example-setting • Martin Stanley for giving me a start and teaching me the basics • Tim & Sissie Lewis for nurturing curiosity and cheering me on • Mark Sand for my first computer • Corky Eddins for unwavering encouragement and timely wisdom • Joy Lewis for love and life through the ups and downs—I could not ask for a better partner